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VOLUME 58, NUMBER 3, 2017
MARYLAND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL Vol. 57, no. 3, 2017 (In stock - $15.00 members/$17.00 non-members) 
  • "My Father Was of German Extraction": Babe Ruth's Ruth/Rüdt Ancestors by Druscilla J. Null
  • The Widow's Tale: Ella A. (Barlettt) (Middlekauff) (Crandall) Haley and her Baltimore Neighbors by Harold Henderson
  • The Prather Family of Montgomery County, Maryland: Freedom's Journey, Part I by Robyn N. Smith
  • Maryland Penitentiary and Pardon Records of the Early 1800s: Examples from Allegany County by Pamela Riccardi Paschke
  • Jane Maggs, 1744/5–1832: Baltimore Pastry Maker by Helen Hinchliff
  • Camp Meetings of the United Evangelical Church by Carleton L. Weidemeyer
  • The Ephraim Andrews Family by Robert W. Barnes
  • Genealogy Crossword Puzzle and Solution: Saint Mary's County Genealogical Information by Jane F. Burgess
  • Maryland Sources: The  O'Donogue Index to Family Histories in the Maryland Room, Frederick County Public Libraries  by Mary K. Mannix
  • Maryland Brick Walls: Who are the Parents of Thomas Jefferson Burnham (1855–1906)by Linda McManus 
  • Greenwood, The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy, 4th Edition, by Allender Sybert
  • Jones, Mastering Genealogical Documentation, by Jane F. Burgess
  • Skinner, Abstracts of the Debt Books of the Provincial Land Office of Maryland, Queen Anne’s County, by Betty deKeyser
  • Waters, Family Diversity: The Waters and Edwards Families of Georgia, with Allied Families Pitts and ShearouseVolume IV, by John M. Siemon
  • Cavanagh, Colonial Chesapeake Families: British Origins and Descendants, 2nd Edition, by Allender Sybert
  • Ports, Indian Wars of the American South, 1610–1858: A Guide for Genealogists and Historians, by Robert W. Barnes