Maryland Genealogical Society
Maryland Genealogical Society

Submit Family Photos for the Web Site

MGS members are encouraged to submit family or historical photos for inclusion on the Maryland Genealogical Society Web site.  Images selected will be included in the gallery of images that rotate and change each time visitors go to a new page on the MGS Web site. 
Although the majority of the images posted to date are of Baltimore families, we are eager to obtain images from across Maryland. We also would like to reflect the diversity of Maryland's families, so we encourage the submission of images depicting all races and ethnic groups. 
Please note the following guidance on submitting images:
  • Preferably, images should feature individuals who lived in Maryland or events/places in Maryland of genealogical interest.
  • Generally, the picture should be at least 50 years old.
  • Images of living individuals will only be posted if we receive evidence of the person's consent.
  • The higher the digital quality of the image, the better it will appear. Images should be at least 96 dpi (dots per inch) and preferably higher.
  • Please submit a brief description to assist us in developing a caption that will appear with the picture when visitors hover their cursor over the picture.
  • Submitted images may need to be cropped or compressed to fit on the Web page, so they may not look exactly as submitted. 
  • Effort will be made to include as many submitted pictures as possible, but we can not guarantee that all submitted photos will appear.

Send your photos to