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Saturday, September 15
Legal Rumblings, Research Planning, And Finding the way to GGGrandmother's House  (General)
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, 44219 Airport Rd. California, MD
The St. Mary's County Genealogical Society is sponsoring its 4th "Day of Genealogy," this time featuring J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA. Sessions will include:
“Following a Case through Court Workshop” - Learn the basic of the legal system. Understand the process of following a case through court including dockets, orders, depositions, etc. Find the key to solving a problem using these records.
“Out on a Limb, Trapped by Bad Research” - Feeling trapped with nowhere to go? Bad, weak or missing evidence all contribute to misleading research. Review your research findings, sharpen your techniques, evaluate your sources, and map a new course.
“Finding My Way Home Again … or A Closer Look at Migration Trails” - Early settlers of Kentucky and Tennessee followed pathways that continue to be traveled today. This lecture focuses on the major trails that led our ancestors to this home.
The cost is $45 for members and $55 for non-members. For more information and to register, visit the Society's web site.

Monday, September 17
Using DNA to Trace Family: The Basics  (DNA)
7:00 pm
CCGS meetings are held in the Dixon Room at the Westminster Branch Library at 50 East Main Street.
Direct to Consumer  DNA test kits have introduced an important tool for genealogists and family
historians. Genetic Genealogy provides another way to discover family relationships, ancestral
lines and geographical origins. This presentation will discuss the types of DNA and their
inheritance patterns, what companies and tests are available, how to analyze your DNA results to
find family, how to use it in your genealogical research, and what DNA tests tell you about ethnic
makeup and ancient origins.

Andy Hochreiter, MEd, MIS, is a genetic genealogist who manages multiple DNA surname projects. He
has over 28 years experience in genealogical research and 12 years with genetic genealogy. He
instructs continuing education courses in basic and advanced genetic genealogy at Howard Community

Monday, October 15
Genealogical Oddities  (Skill Building)
7:00 pm
CCGS meetings are held in the Dixon Room at the Westminster Branch Library at 50 East Main Street.
“Doing research on my family history over the past 25 years has been extremely rewarding. Doing
that research I have come across many extremely interesting and sometimes unusual records. Family
skeleton closets can be strange, funny or downright bizarre. Join me to hear about some of my
family stories and share some of your unusual findings.”

David Powell is the current president of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society, as well as a
member of their Board of Directors. He is a member of the Maryland Genealogical Society; he has
been active in various boards and forums in the Mid-Atlantic region in Information Technology and eCommerce.

Monday, November 19
Modern Court Records  (Skill Building)
7:00 pm
CCGS meetings are held in the Dixon Room at the Westminster Branch Library at 50 East Main Street.
While many people use archival records to perform historical and genealogical research, the Mary-
land State Archives also holds a large number of modern court records required for legal purposes
such as retirement, social security, pension, and expungement. This lecture will deal, not only
with the complexities of these records (generally beginning in the 1960s and 1970s), but also
with the significance of modern court records in social history, social justice, and quality of

Rachel M. Frazier serves as the Search Room coordinator for the Reference Department at the Maryland
State Archives, helping to coordinate in-person services for historical and legal research as well
as assisting through email.