Maryland Genealogical Society
Maryland Genealogical Society

Intro to Genealogy - Focus on MD

In January 2021, MGS partnered with Maryland Public Television (MPT) to present Finding Your Roots: Genealogy Workshop, which provided participants with an introduction to genealogy - with an emphasis on Maryland research. Topics covered included getting started in genealogy, online genealogy, African American research, and DNA testing for genealogy. We're pleased to be able to make this workshop and associated handouts available on the MGS website.
Using the links below, you can watch each segment of the workshop separately or the entire workshop (which includes introductory remarks and a short question and answer period). Links to the handouts are available with their relevant segment. To learn more about the presenters - Alexa Corcoran, David Powell, John Siemon, and Robyn Smith - please see their biographical sketches.

Getting Started in Genealogy
Presenter: John Siemon (abt. 12 minutes)

Researching Your Family Tree: On-Line Genealogy Web Sites
Presenter: David Powell (abt. 12 minutes)
(see handout for "Getting Started in Genealogy")

African-American Research in Maryland
Presenter: Robyn Smith  (abt. 12 minutes)

DNA for Genealogy
Presenter: Alexa Corcoran  (abt. 17 minutes)

Complete MGS/MPT Workshop
(abt. 1 hour & 10 minutes)