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MGS Members –
Welcome to the MGS Web site! Here’s how to log in to the Members Only area. When you sign in for the first time, be sure to check your Profile for accuracy and click on the link "Editing Your Profile" for more information.
You have been assigned an initial login name and password. (You’ll be able to change these later if you want.)
Login Name
Your login name is your membership ID, lowercased and without the hyphen. Example: If your membership ID is D-500, your login name is d500. You’ll find your membership ID on the mailing label of your Newsletter or Journal. Or you can request your membership ID by contacting us at
If you and another person (spouse, partner, etc.) joined with a family membership, there is a record for each of you in the system, with the second person having a “b” added to the end of the login name.  Example: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, membership number D-500, would login in as d500 or d500b.
Passwords are also all lowercase and were created using the first letter of your first name, then your 5 digit zip code, and then first letter of your last name.  Example:  John Doe living in zipcode 20706 would have a password of j20706d. (So would Mrs. John Doe, if her first name is not yet in the membership database.)
Note to AOL users
If you are having problems logging in, try using a browser other than your AOL browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).