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The Maryland Genealogical Society Database includes a number of record collections which may be searched through the search feature below. If you are not logged in as a member, your search results will provide only basic information. To view the details, including the source of each result, you must sign in as a member.
Consult the list of records included in the database to learn the scope of what's available. We will be adding more records in the future. After finding a record of interest, please be sure to check the original for accuracy. It is unavoidable that these transcriptions contain errors.
Here are some frequently asked questions about using the database:
  • Can I limit my search by type of record? Yes. You can search all of the records at once, or select a specific set of records.
  • Can I limit my search to a subset of people? Yes. First select the record type - such as marriages - then select the party - such as groom, bride, or witness.
  • Do I have to search using a full name? No. You can search for a surname, given name, or both.
  • What if I want to find multiple possible spellings for a name? You can search for a name using “Begins with” or “Contains.” Using this creatively can help you search for names that that may have multiple spellings. For instance, you can quickly find results for the surnames Bander, Bender, Binder, Bonder, and Bunder in one search by searching for surnames containing “nder” and looking at the results that begins with “B.”
  • Can I limit my search to certain years? Yes. First select the record type (such as "Baptisms"), then type in the span of years you wish to search.
  • How can I see details for my search results? You must be a member and sign in on the web site as a member. After getting your search results, you can view the details for each result by clicking on the "eye" icon under "Actions."
After you've checked the database, also be sure to take a look at our other online content.
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