Maryland Genealogical Society
Maryland Genealogical Society

About the Maryland Genealogical Society

In 2009, the Maryland Genealogical Society celebrated 50 years of helping members of the public in their quest to learn more about their family history. (For more information on the history of the Society, click here.) Through our publications, educational programs, and other outreach, we promote and support genealogical research.
The Maryland Genealogical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization.  We welcome as members anyone interested in genealogy, heraldry, history, or biography. You are cordially invited to become a member and to participate actively in the work of the Society.
Mission:  The objectives of the Maryland Genealogical Society are:
  • to encourage and instruct members in genealogical research and compilation;
  • to promote adherence to high standards of accuracy and thoroughness in genealogy;
  • to locate, preserve, index, and publish public and private genealogical records and studies; and
  • to cooperate with other organizations throughout the State of Maryland and elsewhere in the promotion of genealogical programs.

H. Furlong Baldwin Library at the Maryland Center for History and Culture 

Partnership with the Maryland Center for History and Culture 

The Maryland Genealogical Society is pleased to work as a partner with the Maryland Center for History and Culture (MCHC) (previously known as the Maryland Historical Society), the state’s oldest continuously operating cultural institution. Most of our membership categories include joint membership with MCHC. Joint members receive all of the benefits of membership in MCHC, including free access to the H. Furlong Baldwin Library, a leading research facility for Maryland history. The Maryland Genealogical Socity office is located at the MCHC complex.

For more information on resources for genealogy at the MCHC library, see the webinar Using MCHC Resources for Genealogy.


Operating Year: January - December 2024

Executive Board
President: Ms. Heather S. O'Hara
Vice President: Ms. Janelle Bartlett Mummey
Recording Secretary: Ms. Ellen Ward
Treasurer: Dr. Allender Sybert
Immediate Past President: Mr. John M. Siemon
At-Large Board Member: Ms. Jaclyn J. Fox
At-Large Board Member: Ms. Debra A. Hoffman
At-Large Board Member: Mr. Tom L. McCarriar
At-Large Board Member: Mr. Tony Nardo
At-Large Board Member: Ms. Druscilla J. Null
At-Large Board Member: Mr. David Powell
At-Large Board Member: Ms. Sandra M. Quick
At-Large Board Member: Ms. Shawna Sherrell
At-Large Board Member: Ms. Bridget Sunderlin
Appointed Positions
Advertising Editor: Ms. Malissa Ruffner
Facebook Manager: Ms. Janelle Bartlett Mummey
Journal Managing Editor: Ms. Jaclyn J. Fox
MGS News Editor: Ms. Ellen Ward
Publicity Chairman: Ms. Heather S. O'Hara
Registrar/Membership: Dr. Allender Sybert
Webmaster: Ms. Druscilla J. Null