Maryland Genealogical Society
Maryland Genealogical Society

MGS Fellows and Awardees

Periodically, the Maryland Genealogical Society honors individuals and organizations through recognition awards. Below are lists of the MGS Fellows and the recipients of the MGS Certificate of Merit.

Fellows of the Maryland Genealogical Society

Fellowships are given to members of the Society who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding genealogical scholarship and contributions to the Society and to the genealogical community.
2016   Elizabeth "Betty" deKeyser
2014   Edward P. Arthur
2014   Jane F. Burgess
2014   Isabelle Board Obert
2014   Patricia O'Brien Shawker
2014   Allender Sybert
2009   Gary B. Ruppert
2004   Jerry M. Hynson
1999   Jon Harlan Livezey
1999   Vernon L. Skinner, Jr.
1995   Henry C. Peden, Jr.
1991   F. Edward Wright
1989   Edna Agatha Kanely
1989   Ruth C. Naylor
1989   Mary Margaret Neal
1985   Freeman E. Morgan, Jr.
1985   Ella Rowe
1976   P. William Filby
1974   Henry R. Kelly
1973   Robert W. Barnes
1972   Charles Francis Stein
1971   Raymond B. Clark, Jr.
1971   J. Harrison Daniels
1971   Amy Chase Loftin
December 2019 Awards Ceremony: Awardee Dr. Helen Hinchliff (center) with past and present editors of her articles for the Journal: (left to right) Nancy Waters, Jackie Fox, Jane Burgess, and Malissa Ruffner
Recipients of Certificates of Merit
Certificates of Merit are awarded to individuals and organizations for meritorious services contributing to the advancement of the Society and its objectives.
2016   Paul F. Izat
2014   Ronald J. Leach
2014   Druscilla J. Null
2014   William W. and Martha E. Reamy
2009   Jane F. Burgess
2002   Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture
2002   Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society
2000   Carrie Kiewitt
2000   Francis P. O'Neill
1999   Cecil County Genealogical Society
1999   Harford County Genealogical Society
1988   Carroll County Genealogical Society
1981   Hilda Chance
1981   Richard J. Cox
1981   Sister M. Virginia Geiger
1981   Bayly Ellen Marks
1980   Mrs. Kenelm Dallam
1980   Prince George's County Genealogical Society
1979   James McAllister
1979   F. Garner Ranney
1979   Frederick S. Weiser
1978   Daniel B. Lloyd
1978   Mary Gordon Malloy
1978   Helen Seubold
1977   A. Russell Slagle
1977   John J. Winterbottom
1976   Edwin Beitzel
1976   Mrs. J. Sinclair Marks
1975   Betty Worthington Briscoe
1975   Eleanor McConkey Callahan
1974   Mary Elizabeth Mann Starin
1973   Sara Seth Clark
1973   Louise Joyner Heinton
1973   Mary K. Meyer
1972   Helen W. Brown
1972   Harry Wright Newman
1972   Frank White
1971   Mrs. Lewis O. Bowman, Sr.
1971   Phebe Jacobsen
1971   Nellie M. Marshall