Maryland Genealogical Society
Maryland Genealogical Society

Submitting Information

Members of the Society are invited to submit the names and brief identifying information of ancestors they are researching, so that other members researching the same persons can exchange information with them. It will be published in the "Family Exchange" section of the Newsletter and on the Web site.
Please observe the following rules:
1.  Each submission must include the ancestor’s name, at least one year or date (birth, marriage or death), and place of residence, and is limited to 70 spaces, counting each letter and the spaces between words.  Please give dates in the format 14 Jun 1806, not 6/14/1806.  Women should be listed under their maiden names.  (Example:  Clark, Elizabeth m. 1822 Thomas Galloway, Balto. Co., Md.)
2.  You may submit up to 10 names per year.
3.  Include your name, mailing address, and MGS code number (such as B-045, J-019, etc.) if known.  You may also include your e-mail address, if you wish. [Note: When you provide your e-mail address with submission to The Family Exchange, it will be published in the Newsletter and on this website.]
4.  Submit your names by mail to Maryland Genealogical Society, 201 West Monument St., Baltimore, MD 21201, or by e-mail to with the heading “Family Exchange.” 
5.  Submissions will be accepted at any time and will be published in the Newsletter on a space-available basis.
6.  When replying, please contact the person who submitted the name, not the MGS.