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Queries 2000-2002

The following are queries that were submitted by Maryland Genealogical Society members and published in the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, volumes 41 through 43, in 2000 through 2002.
41-24. PENN, DENT. Searching for the family of William PENN, my great grandfather from Charles County. He went to Missouri via Madison County, Indiana. Two of his children were born there, one being my  grandfather. With the help of a lovely lady in Pasadena, Maryalnd, I have come across a  John PENN; she sent me a copy of his will. In this will he left everything to his wife Jane DENT PENN and her children. A son, William PENN, was one of the older children. F-137, Anne Penn Ford.
41-25. ASHCOM, RISBY. Mary, wife of Nathaniel ASHCOM (d. 1685). Was her maiden name really RISBY? Who were her parents? M-192 Barbara Marvin.
41-26. SMITH, TRUMAN, TANEY. Henry TRUMAN m. ca. 1680 Jane SMITH, who m. 2nd Thomas Taney. Was she really a dau. of Attorney General Richard SMITH, Sr. of St. Leonard's Creek & wife Eleanor? M-192 Barbara Marvin
41-27. HALL. Did Quaker Richard HALL d. 1688 of Halls Hills, Calvert Co. really have a mother Susanna & father John Hall, immigrant 1663, d. 15 May 1698, Calvert Co.; bur. Old Herring Creek? M-192. Barbara Marvin
41-28. JENIFER, STONE, ASHCOM, EDEN. Tentative JENIFER chart sketched by Dr Christopher Johnston & relied on ever since gave Dr. Daniel JENIFER (ca. 1699-1729) 2 sons named Daniel & 2 daus. named Elizabeth. Who can prove that it was really Elizabeth JENIFER, b. 1706 dau. of Elizabeth ASHCOM & Daniel of St. Thomas JENIFER (1672-1730) who m. ca. 1739, as his 2nd wife, David STONE (ca. 1709-1773). Betty JENIFER, dau. of Dr. Daniel JENIFER (ca. 1699-1729) m. as his 2nd wife by 1763 John EDEN (ca. 1728-1775) of St. Mary's Co. M-192. Barbara Marvin.
41-29. CHANEY, ROWLES, MARSH, HANCOCK, DUNN, HOLMES, GRAY, ROBINSON. Seeking info. on the family of Richard CHANEY, who died in Anne Arundel County before 1793. Children: Sara, married Thomas ROWLES; Hezekiah; Mary, mar. William MARSH; Sophia, mar. Nathaniel HANCOCK; Elizabeth, mar. Michael Dunn; Abel; Delilah, mar. James HOLMES; Thomas; Susannah, mar. Greenberry GRAY; and, Anne, mar. Dennis ROBINSON. Son Hezekiah CHANEY moved to Wythe Co. VA, where he d. testate in 1813. Son-in-law Michael DUNN also migrated to Wythe Co. by 1798. Will answer all and exchange. P-048. Michael A. Ports.
41-30. PRYOR, HEFFNER, COWEN, SPEDDON. Seeking info. on the family of John H. PRYOR, wo was b. c. 1815 at Philadelphia, PA. He came to Baltimore City c. 1835 and mar. Elizabeth HEFFNER (c. 1815-1870) in 1836. Their children were: Edward (1836-1878) m. Elmira COWEN; John (1838-c. 1872) mar. Louise SPEDDON; William E. (1840-1872); Sara J. (1843-1872); Elizabeth (1845-1935); Joseph (c. 1848-?); Thomas (c. 1850-?); and Mary (c. 1854-?0. John H. PRYOR d. in 1872 and was bur. at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Baltimore City. Will answer all and exchange. P-048. Michael A. Ports.
41-31. HOLT, BARKER, BOLTON, OCKES, DOWIE. Seeking information on the family of William HOLT, who was b. in England in 1777. He mar. Lucy BARKER there in 1799. They came to Baltimore City c. 1830. Their children were: Tymer (1799-1866) mar. Anthony BOLTON; Margaret (c. 1812-1869) mar. Jacob OCKES; and, Catherine (c. 1821-?) mar John Russell DOWIE. William d. in 1862 and was bur. at Baltimore Cemetery. Will answer all and exchange. P-048. Michael A. Ports.
41-32. HOLT, PERSONET, WINDERS. Seeking info. on the family of Enoch HOLT, who was b. in England in 1790. He brought his wife Elizabeth, to Baltimore City prior to 1820. Their children were Mary (c. 1821-?); William Henry (c. 1827-1859) mar Marcellena PERSONET: Enoch T. (c. 1830-?) moved to Pittsburgh where he mar. Sara WINDERS; and Elizabeth (c1839-?). Enoch d. in 1850 and was bur. in Baltimore Cemetery. Will answer all and exchange. P-048. Michael A. Ports.
41-33. HEFFNER, SANKS, MERRYMAN, FRAMES, BROWN, HUNTER, HEAPS, HACKNEY. Seeking info. of the family of Rev. Edward HEFFNER, who was b. on Staten Island in NY in 1809. He came to Baltimore City c. 1821. He mar. Elizabeth Ann SANKS (c. 1812-1878) in 1833. Their children were Sarah (1834-?) mar. Moses S. R. MERRYMAN; Mary Elizabeth (1836-?); Rebecca (1837-1907) mar. Edward J. FRAMES in 1862; John R. (c. 1840-?) mar. Ellen Brown; Edward (c. 1845-1887) mar. Ellen HUNTER: George R. (1847-1912) mar. Eliza HEAPS; Emma H. (1851-1898) mar. Walter J. HACKNEY. Edward HEFFNER, a local preacher associated with the Methodist Church, served as the Superintendent of Greenmount Cemetery from c. 1852 until his death in 1886. His son George served twice as the City Comptroller, in both the McLane and Timanus administrations. Will answer all and exchange. P-048. Michael A. Ports.
41-34. COWAN, WEATHERBY, SMITH, PRYOR, EATON, DURHAM. Seeking info. on the family of William Allison COWAN, who was b. c 1810 at Augusta, ME. He mar. Mary WEATHERBY (1813-1897), the dau. of Benjamin WEATHERBY and Rachel SMITH, in Cape May Co. JH. William and Mary came to Baltimore City c. 1846. Their children were: Cavalier Weatherby (1835-1905); Benjamin S. (c. 1837-?); Elmira (1841-1920) mar. Edward PRYOR; William Allison (c. 1839-1895) mar. Mary EATON; and, Franklin (1859-1910) who mar. Virginia DURHAM. Will answer all and exchange. P-048. Michael A. Ports.
41-35. HULL, GLOVER. Samuel HULL, allegedly of Kent and Cecil Cos., b. ca. 1735, m. Martha Glover in 1758. Need info. on birthplace, parents and siblings. Believe they migrated to Licking Co., OH. O-023. Penelope G. Ough
41-36. BOERING/BORING. Need info. on Rebecca [--?--], wife of Thomas BOERING/BORING.; Thomas b. Balto. Co. before 1765; son of William Boering and Martha [--?--]. O-023. Penelope G. Ough
41-37. TROYER. George TROYER signed Oath of Allegiance 1779 and d. Baltimore Co. 1786. His widow Marget was recorded 1791 Zion Lutheran Church, Manchester, and his son George was b. by 1761. Were Michael and Jacob also his sons? F-073. Nancy B. Fratt
41-38. DREYER/TROYER, KUNTZ. George Friedrich DREYER/TROYER m. 1744 York Co. PA, Christina KUNTZ and had sons Jacob b. 1743 and Andrew b. 1753. He bough land Frederick Co. MD 1749. Were these two Georges related and how? F-073. Nancy B. Fratt.
41-39.  RICHARDSON.  Need to find parents of Peter RICHARDSON, ship carpenter b. 1807 MD, d. 1861 Dorchester Co., MD, bur. Richardson Burying Ground, Church Creek, MD. He mar. Lucinda (nee RICHARDSON) in Dorchester Co., MD 2 Dec. 1830.  His son and one grandson were ship captains of east coast schooners.  His sons-in-law were carpenters and sailors.  H-448. Stephanie F. Harrington, 1606 Teal Marsh Rd., Charleston, SC 29412-9505 e-mail <>
41-40.  RICHARDSON.  Lucinda RICHARDSON, b. 1810, d. 1896, Church Creek, MD.  Mar. Peter RICHARDSON in 1830.  Would like to find her parents. H-448. Stephanie F. Harrington, see address above.
41-41.  BYUS, JONES.  John BYUS b. 1795 MD, d. 1 June 1871, carpenter, mar. Eliza JONES 18 Sept. 1817, Dorchester Co., MD.  Both bur. in Old Trinity Cemetery.  Need John's parents.  H-448.  Stephanie F. Harrington, see address above.
41-42.  KIRBY, BYUS.  Emily C. KIRBY b. 22 Feb. 1829, d. 24 Aug. 1874, Dorchester Co., MD, mar. John W. BYUS b. 25 Nov. 1821, d. 24 Aug. 1876, Dorchester Co., MD. Both bur. Old Trinity Cemetery,  Is Emily related to Henrietta KIRBY, b. 1830, who mar. 14 Dec. 1852, Dorchester Co., Thomas J. BYUS, b. 2 May 1830, d. 14 July 1895?  Need KIRBY info. on parents of Emily & Henrietta. H-448. Stephanie F. Harrington, see address above.
41-43. SEWARD, BYUS, JONES. Need info. on children of Joshua H. SEWARD 1827-1897, who m. 7 Dec. 1857 Dorchester Co., MD, Alexina (Ella) BYUS 1840-1909, dau. of John BYUS & Elizabeth JONES. H-448. Stephanie F. Harrington, see address above.
41-44.  BOWER(S), GOUFF/GOW, HOUP, ROHRER.  Jacob BOWER, b. Oct. 1754, d. Sept. 1825, m. Ann ROHRER, b. Jan. 1864 in Washington Co., MD, d. 1846, in Feb. 1782 at Hagerstown, MD.  Their sixth child, Catherine, was b. 1797.  Was she the Catherine BOWERS who obtained a mar. license in Washington Co., MD in Dec. 1815 with Jacob GOUFF, and did they in turn have a dau. Mahala who mar. William HOUP/HAUPT/HOUPT in Dec. 1845 in the same county?  B-160. Joseph A. Bligh, 2866 Daneland St., Lakewood, CA 90712-2132. e-mail <>
41-45.  KARN, WILLARD, NIPPLE.  Adam KARN, b. ca. 1764, mar. Rosina WILLARD, b. Feb. 1767, d. 1819, on 24 May 1785 in Frederick Co., MD.  They had eight children including Sarah, b. 1798, my great-grandmother.  Need ancestral info. on Adam who bought "NIPPLE" land from Michael KARN.  B-160.  Joseph A. Bligh, see address above.
41-46.  HUGHES, PANCOAST.  Need info. on George HUGHES, b. ca. 1797, MD.  He was a physician.  Wife Sarah PANCOAST b. ca. 1806, MD.  Children Charles b. 1828, MD; Edward W. b. 28 Feb. 1830, New Market, Frederick Co., MD; James b. 1835, MD; Francis b. 1838, MD; Elizabeth b. 1840, MD; William b. 1842, MD; and George b. 1845, MD.  Any info. you could furnish would be greatly appreciated.  L-231.  Helen R. Hughes Leonard, 2015 S. Corona St., Colorado Springs, CO 80905.
41-47.  HUGHES, SWAMLEY, CONKLIN, PLUMMER.  Looking for info. on Edward W. HUGHES, b. 22 Feb. 1830, New Market, Frederick Co., MD.  Mar. 20 March 1852 Frederick Town, Frederick Co. to Lydia Ann SWAMLEY, b. MD, d. IA.  Edward d. 15 Feb. 1914, maybe Waverly, KS.  Children Laura Elle, b. 23 May 1853, Monrovia, MD; George Willis b. 6 Aug. 1855, MD; Sarah Alice, b. 4 July 1857; John Melvern b. 5 March 1860, IA; Mary Elizabeth b. 13 June 1863; Frank M. b. 2 Dec. 1863; Clara Belle b. 7 April 1864 and Ernest Clair b. 2 April 1867, New Liberty, Scott Co., IA. Mar. Mary Elizabeth CONKLIN 8 Feb. 1893, Waverly, IA.  D. 8 Jan 1952 Pratt, KS.  Their last child was Charles, b. 26 Feb. 1868.  Would appreciate any help you can give me.  Edward W. HUGHES' second wife was Anna W. PLUMMER.  L-231.  Helen R. Hughes Leonard.  See address above.
41-48.  HUGHES, WILLETS, WOOD, SWAYNE, PANCOAST, FARQUHAR, TALBOTT.  Looking for info. on Samuel and Elizabeth (WILLETS) HUGHES, Frederick Co., MD.  Their son Jesse HUGHES b. 3 Aug. 1752, d. 10 Sept. 1812; mar. 11 June 1780 to Elizabeth WOOD.  Children Margaret b. 16 Feb. 1781, Rachel b. 1 May 1782, Samuel b. 20 March 1784.  Jesse. (sic) Second wife Elizabeth SWAYNE; children b. Lydia b. 1 June 1794, George b. 20 March 1795 (mar. Sarah PANCOAST) and William b. 17 May 1799, d. March 1866, mar. first Hannah FARQUHAR and second Ruth TALBOTT.  Any info. you can furnish on these families grteatly appreciated.  Will share info.  L-231.  Helen R. Hughes Leonard.  See address above.
41-49.CONKLIN, MATTLEY, THORN, LIKES, HAMILTON, FISHER, HUGHES, LAYTON, LIKES, HARRIS.  Need info. on Jonathan Nathanel (sic) CONKLIN, b. 1840 IA, d. 1923, bur. at Waverly, KS.  His father Thomas CONKLIN, mother Mary MATTLEY, b. England.  Jonathan's wife Sarah Elizabeth THORN, b. ca. 1846, d. 1919 at Waverly, KS; her father George THORN, mother Mary ---. Jonathan & Sarah's children are Nellie b. 1869, m. Frank LIKES; Charley b. 1871 m.. Theria HAMILTON; George E. mar. Myrtle FISHER; Mary Elizabeth b. 27 June 1877, Davenport, IA, mar. Ernest Clair HUGHES 8 Feb. 1893, Waverly, IA; Sadie mar. Joe LAYTON and Bert, b. 1879 mar. Maggie (LIKES) HARRIS. Any info. appreciated.  Will share info.  L-231.  Helen R. Hughes Leonard. See address above.
42-1.  MARSHALL, CAMPBELL, MATTHEWS, KIDD, MURPHY, RITCHIE.  Looking for wife and parents of Thomas MARSHALL, b. between 1740-1750 according to the MD 1830 Census of Baltimore Co., MD, who d. in 1831 in Pipe Creek, Baltimore Co., MD leaving an administration account and no will.  He left the following children: Isaac, Sarah (wife of Aaron CAMPBELL), Jacob (husband of Rebecca MURRAY) whom migrated to Preble Co., OH, Diane (wife of Gerard MATTHEWS), Elizabeth (wife of Henry KIDD) and Edmund or Edward (husband of Rebecca RITCHIE) who migrated to Preble Co., OH.  Any information welcome.  S-295.  Christopher T. Smithson, 4219 Paddrick Road, Darlington, MD 21034-1034. e-mail <wsmithso>
42-2.  TALBOTT, SLADE, COLGATE.  Seeking documentation of parents of Thomas TALBOTT who mar. Belinda SLADE.  He wrote his will on 17 April 1773 which was probated on 17 June 1773.  Some researchers have noted a John TALBOTT & Prudence COLGATE as the parents of Thomas.  But there is a will in Harford Co., MD for a Edmund  TALBOTT (AJ-R:134) which names the children of his deceased son Thomas, which are the same names listed in the will of Thomas TALBOTT (above) in 1773.  Who is the real father Edmund or John?  S-295.  Christopher T. Smithson, see address above.
42-3.  SHOEMAKER, COLLINS, PORTS.  Seeking info. on the family of Charles Shoemaker, who d. 1895 intestate in Montgomery Co., MD.  He inherited part of the tract Friendship from his father Samuel Shoemaker in 1848.  Charles SHOEMAKER mar. Mary Elizabeth COLLINS in Washington, DC in 1843.  After her death he mar. Elizabeth M. PORTS in Washington, DC in 1857.  Will answer all and exchange.  P-048.  Michael A. Ports, 5427 Mission Rd., Fairway, KS 66205.
42-4. LAMBERT/LAMBERTH, WILLARD/WILLYARD.  Need parentage, marriage and any other info. for Joseph LAMBERT/LAMBERTH, b. ca. 175-, from Frederick Co., MD to Monongalia Co. (W)VA after 1803 where he d. by 1815.  Children include Nancy (m. George WILLARD/WILLYARD) who settled Monongalia then Masontown, PA and Thomas (m. Susannah) who settled Greene Co., PA.  B-335.  John D. Baldwin, III, 1559 Clarence Ave., Lakewood, OH 44107.
42-5.  SMITH, KID, STOKES. Moses SMITH m. Anne KID.  Their son, Jouhus SMITH b. c. 1813 m. 21 Oct. 1834 to Sophia STOKES.  Would like info. on Moses an Anne's ancestors and their family.  Near Thurmont, MD. M-497.  Allyn Myers, P. O. Box 515, Damascus, MD 20872-0515.
42-6.  STOKES, AMBROSE.  George STOKES b. 8 Feb. 1787, m. Hannah AMBROSE, b. c. 1789, Thurmont, MD.  Would like info. on their parents (ancestors).  M-497. Allyn Myers, see address above.
42-7. GURLEY, STULL, HOMMER. Thomas GURLEY, b. c. 1812, m. Amanda STULL, whose parents were John STULL, Jr. and Louisa Charlotte HOMMER.  Thomas GURLEY's father may have been Thomas GURLEY, Sr.  Who were Thomas GURLEY (Jr.?)'s parents and ancestors and who were Louisa Charlotte's parents and ancestors?  Frederick or Washington Co., MD.  M-497.  Allyn Myers, see address above.
42-8. YOUNG, BENNER.  Philip YOUNG, b. c. 1795, m. Nancy BENNER.  They had dau. Martha Ann YOUNG.  Near Thurmont, MD.  Who were parents and ancestors of Philip and Nancy?  M-497.  Allyn Myers, see address above.
42-9. AMBROSIUS (AMBROSE), WELLER. Henry AMBROSE, b. c. 1756, m. Christine WELLER, bur. in the Ellerton-Ambrose cemetery near Myersville, MD.  May have lived near Thurmont, MD.  Who were their parents and ancestors?  M-497. Allyn Myers, see address above.
42-10. CRAIG, SCHAFER, ESTES, SUTTON, CRUMP.  Mattie CRAIG, b. June 1814, d. ? (late 1916 or early 1917), dau. of Thomas N. CRAIG (1842-1910) and Agnes C. (SCHAFER) CRAIG (1852 [Germany] - 1927). Mattie's older sister was Teresa CRAIG ESTES SUTTON (1870-1938).  Her younger brother was William R. CRAIG, b. 1884.  Two of Mattie's three children survived to adulthood: Virginia, b. ca. 1903 and Ruth, b. 1907, d. 1989.  In the 1910 census, Mattie is living with Samuel T. CRUMP (1879-1930),  (doubtful they ever married) and their two daus., all at 211 N. Paca St., Baltimore, MD.  In Jan. 1971 Ruth entered St. Mary's Female Orphan Asylum.  Need any info. about this family, especially how and when Mattie d.  She my great-grandmother.  S-569. Steve Schonefeld/ Mary Ellen Wright, 1105 W. Ensley Ave., Auburn, IN 46706 or <>
42-11.  CRUMP, FITZGERALD.   Samuel T. CRUMP, b. 31 Aug. 1879, d. 19 July 1930, in Baltimore.  Occupation was "horseshoer," son of Thomas William CRUMP (b. 1835 [London, England] - d. 1917 [Baltimore, MD]) and Margaret (FITZGERALD) CRUMP (b. 1840 [Ireland] - d. 1907 [Baltimore].  Other siblings were: Thomas, Katie, Jane, John, Virginia, William J., Mary A. and Joseph.   Would like to get in touch with any descendants of this CRUMP family and exchange family pictures.  S-590. Steve Schonefeld/ Mary Ellen Wright, see address above.
 42-12.  HAYS, ARMSTRONG, DENNIS.  Would like info. on family of Thomas Elliot HAYS, b. c. 1835 in Emmitsburg, MD.  Son of Thomas HAYS and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG.  He was an attorney and mar. a Miss DENNIS from Texas. M-497. Allys H. Myers, P. O. Box 515, Damascus, MD 20872.
42-13. YEAGER, EYLER. Would like info. on parents, family and ancestors of Barbara YEAGER, b. 8 Jan. 1746, d. 1841 and mar. to John Frederick EYLER.  Bur. Apple's Church Cemetery, Thurmont, MD.  M-497. Allys H. Myers. See address above.
42-14.  ELDER, BROWN, SELBY.  Would like info. on ancestors of Levi ELDER, b. c. 1812, mar. to Cordelia BROWN.  Their son James M. ELDER mar. Ellen Roseanne SELBY.  Lived in Howard and Carroll Counties, Maryland.  M-497. Allys H. Myers. See address above.
42-15.  RABBITT, MORGAN, MILES. Would like info. on ancestors of William RABBITT, b. c. 1693.  First mar. to Rebeckah MORGAN then to Sarah.  Who were Sarah's parents?  William and Sarah's son was John Thomas RABBITT who mar. Eleanor MILES. Would like info. on Eleanor MILES ancestors.  Lived Montgomery County, MD.  M-497. Allys H. Myers. See address above.
42-16. ADAMSON, RABBITT, WELSH. Samuel RABBITT, b. c. 1824, mar. Victoria ADAMSON.  Their dau. Ietta A. RABBITT mar. Edward E. WELSH.  Would like info. on parents and ancestors of Victoria ADAMSON.  Allys H. Myers. See address above.
42-17.  LYNCH, COOLEY, SMITH.  Would like info. on ancestors of John Thomas LYNCH, b. c. 1800, mar. Sarah COOLEY.  Their son John Henry LYNCH who mar. Maria C. SMITH.  Lived in Montgomery County, MD.  M-497. Allys H. Myers. See address above.
42-18.  COOLEY, REID, LYNCH.  Would like info. on ancestors of Henry COOLEY, b. c. 1775, mar. Mary REID, b. c. 1778.  Would also like info. on ancestors of Mary REID.  Their dau. Sarah COOLEY mar. John Thomas LYNCH.  They lived in Montgomery County, MD.  M-497. Allys H. Myers. See address above.
42-19.  SIMONTON, ALEXANDER, STEELE. Researching SIMONTON families, have extensive data.  Who were parents and siblings of Eleanor (Elinor) SIMONTON of Whole Clay Hundred, mar. March 1776 (New Castle Marriage Bonds), to Francis ALEXANDER of Pencader Hundred.  Francis' will: New Castle DE 1781, Francis, son of James ALEXANDER (1742-1778) and Mary STEELE.  ALEXANDER family lived in Ireland, Eastern Shore of MD and DE, Rowan and Iredell Counties, NC.  H-427.  Jackie Keasler Helmke, 209 Henderson St., San Antonio, TX 78209-4639. 210-826-7265, <>
42-20. SMITH, SIMONTON.  Archibald SMITH d. 1729, DE, inherited land called Begrove, from "Uncle" Robert PERRIE. Where is this land?  Archibald and Robert in Sommerset Co. before 1700, also John SIMONTON. Did John have children, brothers, sisters?  Archibald's sister Mary mar. Theophilus SIMONTON.  Have extensive data to exchange.  H-427.  Jackie Keasler Helmke.  See address above.
42-21. PENN, DENT.  My William S. PENN is from Charles County, MD.  In my search came across a John PENN mar. twice.  Second wife Jane DENT.  Interested in first mar.  Several children, a son William PENN.  What happened to him?  Also had several other children from first mar.  If anyone knows, please let me know. F-137. Anna Penn Ford, 5320 North Lakes Dr., Sanford, NC 27330.
42-22 SMITH, BARNHOUSE, BARNHOUSER. Looking for Loretta M. Smith born Jan 1866 in Maryland.  She died Mar. 12, 1902 in Cumberland, MD while her children were still young.  She was married to Edward Elmer Barnhouse/ Barnhouser.  Per 1900 census, she was born in MD, her father was born in VA and her mother was born in MD.  Loretta and Edward's children were born in VA, WV, and MD between 1887 and 1900, which may mean they moved around in these three states.   Also looking for parents of Edward too. Per family lore, their son Sidney Francis Barnhouse was orphaned and placed in same orphanage as Babe Ruth, whom he knew.  The orphanage changed his name to Joseph Sidney Francis Barnhouser.  I suspect Edward's father may be of Sidney Barnhouse family who lived in MD and Loudon Co, VA.  Any help would be appreciated on either Loretta Smith or Edward Barnhouse.  C-292.  Christos Christou, Jr. 303 Nicholson Road Baltimore, MD 21221-6609. E-mail: abcgenealogy(@) [to use this address, replace "(@)" with "@"].
42-23 CHANDLER. Searching for Thomas J. Chandler born 1811 in Pennsylvania.  He married Ellen (?) before 1830 and he was a shoemaker.  They moved to Maryland and their children were born here per 1850 census.  Thomas Chandler is an old name from Chester Co, PA but not able to connect this Thomas with other members of the family in Chester or any part of PA.  Any help would be appreciated and would be happy to exchange what little I have on the family. C-292.  Christos Christou, Jr. 303 Nicholson Road Baltimore, MD 21221-6609.  E-mail: abcgenealogy(@) [to use this address, replace "(@)" with "@"].
42-24 PHILIPS, STINEBAUGH. Searching for Sarah Phillips of Hagerstown, MD.  She was born Feb. 28, 1841 in Pennsylvania and died Feb. 5 1892 in Hagerstown, MD.  She married Frederick Stinebaugh. Frederick served in Civil War. Will gladly exchange information. C-292. Christos Christou, Jr. 303 Nicholson Road Baltimore, MD 21221-6609.  E-mail: abcgenealogy(@) [to use this address, replace "(@)" with "@"].
42-25 TIVIS/TEVIS, CHURCH, ANDERSON, COULTER. Robert TIVIS/TEVIS b. Bracken Co., KY c. 1809.  Jonathan CHURCH b. 9 June 1764 in KY. George ANDERSON, b. c. 1808 in KY, d. Fulton Co., IL.  Rebecca COULTER b. 6 Dec. 1766.  Derral Herbst, 531 Hahaione St., #20A, Honolulu, HI 96825
42-26 TRUITT, PUSEY. Searching for info. on parents, grandparents and siblings of Mary Jane TRUITT, b. 4-22-1843, d. 8-30-1909, bur. at Christian Cemetery in Snow Hill, MD.  Mar. Isaac Wooten PUSEY, b. 6-24-1842, d. 9-8-1921.  Believe her parents were James P. TRUITT, b. 1799, d. 1882, and Polly (Mary) MACKLIN, b. c. 1815, d. ?.  Believe her grandparents were James TRUITT b. c. 1763, d. 1817, who mar. Eleanor (Nelly) MORRIS, b. c. 1765, d. after 1850.  She [Mary Jane] had a brother Noah TRUITT, b. 1-20-1829, d. 10-30-1889.  He mar. 3-7-1871.  G-178 Marie Goodfrey, 901 Lafayette Rd., Newark, DE 19711 <>
42-27 BARKMAN, GUYTON, JACKSON. David BARKMAN mar. Rebecca GUYTON 10 Feb. 1827, Washington Co., MD.  Seek info. on their parents.  Looking for info. on Rebecca GUYTON, dau. of Underwood (1734-1824) and Priscilla (JACKSON) GUYTON (1744-1828) and Rebecca's sister Sarah GUYTON, both names as execx. in Underwood's 1822 Balto. Co. will.  J-088 Charlene Guyton Johnson, 50 Mallard Dr., Hackettstown, NJ 07840 <Carlejohn@world>
42-28 GLOVER, HAMILTON, RENSHAW.  Seek corresp. re relatives of William GLOVER, estate filed PG Co., MD 1717. Was there a HAMILTON-RENSHAW connection?  B-335 John D. Baldwin, III, 1559 Clarence Ave., Lakewood, OH 44107
42-29 HARRIS, TANNEHILL. Seek corresp. re relatives of Thomas Harris, will proved PG Co., MD 1728, and wife Rachel, will proved Fred'k. Co. MD 1756.  What was connection to James TANNEHILL of PG Co.?  B-335 John D. Baldwin, III.  See address above.
Answer from Jane F. Burgess:
I suggest that James TANNEHILL may have been a son-in-law of Thomas HARRIS. For additional information, see my Thomas HARRIS article, MGSB, vol. 41, no. 2 (Spring 2000), pp. 151-223. The will of Thomas HARRIS (d. 1728) did not name all of his living children as indicated in the PG Co., MD Court memorandum on 25 June 1729 naming the following living children of the deceased Thomas HARRIS: Thomas HARRIS, Rachel HARRIS, "Jamima" (Jemima) HARRIS, Rebecca HARRIS, Ruth HARRIS, Benjamin HARRIS, Sarah HARRIS, and Samuel HARRIS (p. 155). After the death of Rachel(l) HARRIS (d.c. 1756-7), widow of Thomas HARRIS (d. 1728), her executors submitted to the Court an account for her estate listing a payment entry to James TANNEHILL for his share of the estate of Thomas HARRIS (d. 1728) (p. 159). Perhaps, James TANNEHILL was the widower of a daughter of Thomas HARRIS (d. 1728). As possibilities, daughters Rachel HARRIS (b. 1704) and Jemima HARRIS (b. 1709) were alive in 1729 but were likely deceased by 1756 when Rachel(l) HARRIS, widow of Thomas HARRIS (d. 1728), made her Fred. Co., MD will which did not name daughters Jemima or Rachel or any issue for them. 
In response -- From his records, Mr. Baldwin noted that his ancestor James TANNEHILL had three granddaughters named Jemima and one granddaughter named Rachel.
42-30 HARRISON, SMITH, JOHNSON, LIPPY, HAMBLETON, GETTIER, MACCUBBIN. Any info. appreciated on this family, Nicholas HARRISON b. c. 1783 in Talbot Co., d. December 1842 in Carroll Co., MD.  Nicholas mar. Mary Ann SMITH in Balto. in 1823.  She was b. in MD, c. 1800, and d. in Balto. 1871.  Ten children: Nicholas S. (1824-1878) m. Elizabeth Greenfield; Elizabeth (b.c. 1825) m. Greenleaf JOHNSON; Ann Maria (b. c. 1827) m. Henry B. LIPPY;  John W. C. (b. c. 1830) probably m. Molly MAC CUBBIN; Mary Ann (b. c. 1831) m. Alexander HAMBLETON; Sarah Elizabeth (b. c. 1833) m. Cornelius GETTIER; Alvinah R. (b. c. 1835) m. Charles or Richard MAC CUBBIN; Eleanora m. same MAC CUBBIN after her sister's death; James Emory (1837-1839); Francis A. (b. 1842).  Happy to share info. H-418 Linda Harrison, 129 Glenmore Ln., Keswick, VA 22947 <>  < index. htm>
 43-1. GARRETT, MIDDLETON.  Middleton GARRETT (wp 1775 Frederick Co.), son of John GARRETT (wp 1776 Frederick Co.). Surely a family name? Did John marry a MIDDLETON, poss. Charles Co., Prince George's County?  S-467 Phyllis Shaunesey, 445 Topping Hill Rd., Westfield, NJ 07090-2331
43-2. MILSTEAD, BARKER.  Have report that Rebecca, wife of John BARKER (wp 1844 Charles Co.) was nee MILSTEAD. Can this be confirmed? Would also like parents of John BARKER. S-467  Phyllis Shaunesey, see address above.
43-3. POSEY, DUNNINGTON. Seek antecedants Humphrey POSEY, b. ca. 1755, d. ca. 1816 Charles Co.  Was his wife provably Eliz. Robins DUNNINGTON? S-467 Phyllis Shaunesey, see address above.
43-4. LEONARD. James and Julia Ryan LEONARD b. Ireland, immigrated to PA ca. 1850, moved to New Britain CT ca. 1882.  Son Timothy B. LEONARD moved to Baltimore ca. 1900.  About 1921 he mar. Catherine.  Ca, 1921 Tim & Kate lived 1802 Warwick Ave. Need Tim birthplace,
43-5. MADDOX, ARNOLD.  Seek detriled info. re. Thomas MADDOX (d. 1686-88), his wife Rachel ARNOLD and Rachel's father Anthony ARNOLD (d. 1689-90), all of Ann Arundel Co.  B-335 John Baldwin, 1559 Clarence Ave., Lakewood, OH 44107
43-6. CRAWFORD, ROGAN. Looking for the parents of Catherine CRAWFORD, b. 15 May 1779, Frederick Co., MD; m. 1 March 1797 to Daniel ROGAN. A-129 Edwin F. Atkinson, 2319 Richborough Rd., Clarkson Valley, MO 63017-7331
43-7. BLAES/BLAISE/BLAZE. Am seeking any information on the arrival of the ship Thetis from England in late spring or summer 1759. The passenger in question is Joseph  BLAES/BLAISE/BLAZE, etc., a young palatine aassigned by Middlesex Court to that voyage "to America." No info. found on him under that name for 18 years after that, when he turns up in the MD militia. Was in Middletown Valley. P-170 Richard Plaster, 6 Blinn Rd., Lexington, MA 02421 <>
43-8. SIMS, JENNET, MC CANN. Seeking info. on the parents and descendants of Andrew SIMS (22 July 1788-27 June 1855) and Elizabeth Jennet (ca. 1802-aft 1878), who m. him  ca. 1820, York Co., PA. Andrew was a veteran of the Battle of Baltimore [War of 1812].  Children identified from the 1850 MD census were: Jackson SIMS (ca. 1835 - aft 1880); William SIMS (ca. 1837-); Mary SIMS (2 June 1837-10 Feb. 1917) who m. Thomas J. MC CANN (22 April 1830-1 Oct. 1888); John SIMS (ca. 1839-) and Anthony SIMS (ca.-1846-).  It is assumed that there were other children between 1820 and 1835, but they have not been identified. O-064. Isabelle Obert, 1286 Riverside Avenue, Balto., MD  21230-4324. <>
43-9. HANSON, DANIELS, JACKSON, JOHNSON, WILLIS, SMITH, HOGARTH, MOONEY.  Seek info. on the parents and descendants of Nathan HANSON (1791- bef. 2 Jan. 1855) and Ellen DANIELS (-ca. 1836-), who m. 27 March 1818, Baltimore Co., MD. Descendants include Nathaniel HANSON (1822-15 Nov. 1853); Ann HANSON who m. Thomas JACKSON bef. 1850; Arrietta HANSON (6 March 1824-26 March 1876) who m. Benjamin JOHNSON (ca. 1822-9 Sept. 1891) on 10 Sept. 1842; Sarah Ann HANSON (1828-aft. 1870); Elizabeth HANSON (ca. 1830-) who m. Henry WILLIS (ca. 1825-) ca. 1846; Harriet J. HANSON (ca. 1830-) who m. Samuel A. SMITH (ca. 1833-) on 2 Sept. 1852; Avarilla HANSON (1831-) who m. William A. HOGARTH (ca. 1834-); Walter HANSON (1832- aft 1860); Elias HANSON (1835-24 April 1867) who m. Laura V. MOONEY (-aft 1867) on 21 Nov. 1854; and John HANSON (1837-ca. 1900).   O-064. Isabelle Obert, see address above.
43-10.  LYTE/LITE/LEIGHT, TOWNSEND/TOUNSIN.  Searching for documentation of mar. of Elizabeth or Faith LYTE/LITE/LEIGHT and John TOWNSEND/TOUNSIN of Somerset Co., MD or Accomack Co., VA in 1600s.  G-249. Marian M. Griffin, 1210 Brighton Ln., Bel Air, MD 21014-3308 <>
43-11. MAGRUDER, WADE, SUBLETT.  Need wife and marriage record for William Mills MAGRUDER, b. ca. 1715 Montgomery or Prince George's Co., MD; d. ca. 1783 Powhatan Co., VA. He was the son of Samuel MAGRUDER (Jr.) and Eleanor (WADE) MAGRUDER.  Also need proof William Mills MAGRUDER was father of Zephaniah MAGRUDER m. 1792 Chesterfield Co., VA, Frances SUBLETT. M-510. Joanne Cullom Moore, 1 Corona, Frenchman's Bayou, AR 72338.
43-12. TIPTON. Need maiden name and marriage record of Rachel who m. Luke TIPTON; b. 1760 Blatimore Co., MD, d. 1855 Weakley Co., TN. M-510.  Joanne Cullom Moore, see above entry.
43-13. TAYLOR.  Seeking any info. on Henry TAYLOR, b. ca. 1757, wife Mary "Hilliary:?  Son John, b. 3 Aug. 1779, Frederick Co., MD; d. 14 Jan. 1869, Morgan Co., OH. Henry in OH early 1800. F-147 Jane Foss, 2070 Brookdale Rd. SE, Lancaster, OH 43130
43-14. COEY/COHEE, HUTCHINSON any info. on John COEY/COHEE, b. ca. 15 Sept. 1780, MD; m. 16 April 1816 Margaret HUTCHINSON in Dorchester Co., MD. Margaret b. ca. 1799. F-146 Jane Foss, see address above.
43-15. Completed
43-16. HUDSON, WILLIAMS, WRIGHT. Who were the parents of George HUDSON of Charles Co.? He mar. Winifred WILLIAMS ca. 1794 and Angelica WRIGHT 22 Jan. 1818. Winifred was dau. of Nathaniel WILLIAMS and Elizabeth HUDSON. Angelica was dau. of John Lugar WRIGHT and Margaret ---? M-380. Betty Nelson McDougald, 9903 Kemp Forest Dr., Houston, TX 77080-2650
43-17.  UPPERCUE, HELMS. Need parents of Margaret UPPERCUE who m. George P. HELMS in 1872. Both of Baltimore Co. She d. in 1915 and is bur. in Loudon Park Cemetery. M-105. Arliss S. Monk, 2311 W. 16th Apr. 311, Greeley, CO 80634
43-18.  BALDWIN, MOORE. George Ed. Dorsey BALDWIN seek his parents and siblings. He was b. 1833-35 in Baltimore? MD, m. Sept. 1853 Ellen MOORE of Winchester, VA; he d. May 1920.  They had eight children born from 1854-72, birthplaces range from MD to VA.  Children were (in order of birth) James Andrew, Edwin D., Aquilla Allen, Annie Bell, Maggie C., Cora Les, Pearl M. and Rosa May.  Susan Baldwin, 1201 SE 14th St., Cape Coral, FL 33990
Answers to previous queries:
40-20. SPENCE, JOURDAINE/JORDAN. From Mary T. Arthur, 10233 Gainsborough Rd., Potomac, MD 20854-4039 A-110.
Editor, This letter is to make a correction to my reply to Query #40-20 of Barbara Martin's.  I made a typing error in the death date of Adam SPENCE I.  He was born in 1662 and died testate in Somerset Co., MD in 1733 not 1633.  Thank you for making this correction.
Her original response was as follows, dated Sept. 1, 2001.
Dear Barbara, I have noted your two queries re: the SPENCE family and I am descended from Adam SPENCE, who came to Worcester County, MD from Scotland in 1685.  The Presbyterian Minister, Francis McKemie, married Adam SPENCE and Madame JOURDAINE/(JORDAN?), a French lady, in 1697.  They had four children — three daughters and a son, Adam II.  Adam Sr. was in the Import business. He was born in 1662 and died Testate in 1633 [1733] in Somerset Co., MD.  He did not name a wife and I have never been able to find out her name.  Could it be your Dorcas SPENCE?  Do you have a list of her children?  The above marriage date of 1697 would be the year after her second husband, John JORDAN, died.
TANNEHILL, WILKINS. The following is a letter from Dolly Ziegler responding to Fleur Medbery's inquiry in a previous issue of the Bulletin regarding a book by Harry Wright Newman not held at the Maryland Historical Society Library. 
Hello, Fleur. I noticed your query in the Maryland Gen. Soc. Bulletin.  I asked Robert Barnes where Harry Wright Newman's genealogical papers are; he said Charles County Community College has them. Perhaps the TANNEHILL study you seek will be there.
I suppose you have already searched "Filing Case A" at the Maryland Historical Society. Both TANNEHILL and TANEYHILL folders were slightly out of order. They include a 17-page typescript, "One line of the TANNEHILL family of Prince Georges County, Maryland and Monongalia County, West Va." by John D. Baldwin III, dated 1992.
At the splendid LDS Family History Library website, <>, I found this: Genealogical data, TANNEHILL and WILKINS families. Compiled by Mrs. Ray C. Avery. Typescript, 1 vol., various pagings. [Microfilm]
Since "various pagings" could mean -- who can tell? -- you might want to check this out. As you probably know, you can order microfilm sent to any Family History Center for about $3.50 per reel for 30 days (to be read at the FHC.)
Hope this helps. Cheers, Dolly Ziegler in Baltimore <>