Maryland Genealogical Society
Maryland Genealogical Society

Submitting Articles for Publication

The Maryland Genealogical Society welcomes documented, quality original articles pertaining to Maryland genealogy such as resource materials, transcriptions, information on repositories, compiled genealogies, research techniques, and other material for the Journal. MGS expects all authors to submit work of their own creation that does not violate copyright laws and has not been submitted elsewhere for publication. The editors suggest that authors follow the following guidelines for submitting a manuscript to the Journal.
Length: Articles of any length can be considered. Longer articles may be serialized.
Images: Submit charts, maps, etc. with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in separate electronic files.
Submission: Send via email, preferably in MS Word. Garamond font is preferred, 12 point. Page size is 6 by 9 inches. Top and bottom margins are one inch. Left and right margins are 0.9 inches. The editors will review paper submissions but prefer electronic/digital manuscripts.
Review: Submit manuscripts with accurate, complete, relevant, consistent, documented facts showing good writing skills. Editors will review each manuscript. Peer reviewers may also review it. Submission of a manuscript does not imply acceptance. If the editors accept a manuscript for publication, they will notify the author of suggested changes. MGS retains the rights for final editorial changes.
Sources: Submit references as endnotes only, preferably formatted according to Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Evidence! or Evidence Explained.
Special request: Submit a 3 to 5 line biography.
Numbering: Use standardized genealogical numbering systems (NGS Quarterly System, Register System, and others). See Numbering Your Genealogy. MGS reserves the right to edit.
Copyright: Authors must allow MGS exclusive rights to use an accepted article for one year from the date of its publication and sign a MGS form concerning copyright and warranty information.
Questions: Address questions to the editors by email at or by mail at the following address: Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, 610 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201.